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You Can Do it Too

We get a lot of criticism on the site from churches saying the stage designs are way out of their grasp. (The nerve!) Well here’s one you can definitely recreate. Jeff Jackson from Journey Church in New Albany, Indiana brings us this inexpensive set design totaling $230, including LED lights!

Inspired by other designs on the site, they used clear 4×8′ sheets of Coroplast (real estate sign material) for $11/each. They used three pieces, cutting one piece in half. The scored the Coroplast on one side, allowing them to bend them into square columns. They purchased inexpensive wall wash leds (114-HAMPSTER) from – $199 for a four pack with stands.

A Really Inexpensive Set Design

Want an even less expensive option? At first they used regular bulbs in light socket they purchased from Lowes. You can do it!

Thanks, Jeff, for removing every church’s excuse for not having a cool stage. :)

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19 responses to “You Can Do it Too”

  1. mufan96 says:

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey Jeff… I'm in Columbus, IN and am looking for some coroplast sheets. Where did you get yours? Thanks.

  3. Mike says:

    I can't recreate a large design either. However those designs (like this one) only give me inspiration to take small elements and incororate them into my teenie tiny stage.

  4. Aaron Busse says:

    Very helpful, thanxs for posting this.

  5. Chris Fluitt says:

    I’d like to have some tips on where to find Clear coroplast! It’s easy to find white but I’ve never had luck with the clear.

    • Rob hawk says:

      Meyers plastics in Indy and Fort Wayne Indiana carry the “Natural” coroplast. This is what most are calling the clear coroplast.

  6. leyvaine says:

    Can coroplast flute sheet take the heat of a 300w par can light

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      I wouldn’t suggest trying that if you have the light inside the flute. If you had it at a significant distance away from the plastic that might be ok…but you’ll be trapping heat plastic will definitely melt.

  7. tony genovese says:

    I think I just found out the hard way… there is a difference between white and clear.

  8. tony genovese says:

    While looking for it.. I found all sorts of colors. Almost everything except clear. So.. I figured everyone was using “clear” loosely. I made a test box about 24″ tall and 18″x18″… Light will go through a bit. However it takes 4 of the leds (114-HAMPSTER) from cheaplights to make any real effect.

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      If you’re talking to a sign company…they don’t really use the translucent stuff. I’d check with a local plastics manufacturer. They usually have the good stuff. (and cheaper)

  9. Dr. Robinson says:

    Thanks. Now I am truly inspired!

  10. Ben says:

    I just came across this site tonight as I was Googling how to build a stage. We’re a small church plant and I’d really like to add something cool to our stage and I love the look (and cost) of this stage. I searched through 10 plus pages of amazing stages- but I would agree that seeing some cool stages like this on a budget that a small church could actually afford would be extremely helpful. Or are there other sites out there that give good ideas?

    Anyway, my question is- could someone give me a bit more information about what exactly you need to do to create these? I understand that I need to find translucent coroplast, but what do I do with the sheets once I get them? After I score them, do they just bend or do all four corners need to be secured somehow? Are they just 4 sides with an opening on both ends? Which specific light do I need to buy from that site that is listed?

    I realize that most people reading this site understand some of the more inside stuff that was described-but I am completely lost!


  11. Leah Kathryn Mills says:

    Do you have a link for the lights on I couldn’t find a 4-pack for the 114s…just the 112s. Thanks.

  12. Michael Elkins says:

    Did you use 2mm thick or thicker?

  13. pam says:


    Super idea! Do these coroplast columns stand alone on their own? or do they need to be weighed down?


  14. Bart Morrison says:

    What controller are you using?

  15. Michael Elkins says:

    I got the material and before I start cutting, etc I want to make sure I want to do it right (I had to spend $25 a sheet to get the clear, but still cheap). A few questions, how do I score it? WHat was the technique used? Also, if I am guessing right, I leave 2 sheets at 4×8 and then I cut one sheet to 2 4×4 sheets? Is that right?

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