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Make a Ripple

Matt Garkusha from Restoration Church in Spartanburg, SC brings us this ripply set.

Simple. Effective. Matt and his team used 8 foot sheets of PVC roofing material hung with steel cable. They lit the pieces from the bottom with 4 Chauvet Q-wash moving light fixtures. The screen in the center is 14 x 40′ Screen run using ProPresenter 4 + Matrox DualHead2Go and Edge Blending Module from Renewed Vision. Lovely!

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18 responses to “Make a Ripple”

  1. MATT says:

    Good looking set, but my name is Matt :)

  2. Chris Fluitt says:

    Good idea! Great looking set.

  3. MATT says:

    thanks! been running on empty all day :/

  4. Billy says:

    Hey Matt- I believe my pastor called your church the other day asking about some questions about your screen. Is it possible to talk sometime soon?

  5. Matt says:

    Yea Billy you can call the church anytime next week between 8-3:30, 864.579.7797 ask for Tony Winters; he'll be able to give you the most information about our screens.

  6. Adrian says:

    Hey Matt, what is your screen made of?

    • Matt says:

      Hey Adrian, the screen material itself was ordered from China, but we stretched it over a frame of 2x4s that we had custom built by a member of our church who is a contractor that builds houses. Hope that answers your question :)

  7. Darin says:

    Are you using front projection or rear projection?

    • Matt says:

      Front Projection. Two projectors using Dualheadtogo and propresenter 4

      • Darin says:

        You did a 14 x 40 screen with just 2 projectors. What projectors and 4×3 or 16X9?


        • Matt says:

          They are Hitachi projectors, I forget which ones. The projectors are both projecting in at custom ratios which when combined, give us a ratio of roughly 3×1 for the whole screen. When we create videos to put on the screen, we render them in 16×9, so they do come out a little stretched, but the stretching isn’t very noticeable at all.

          • Darin says:

            Are they a short throw or long throw projector? If long throw, how do you avoid shining the projector into on stage people?


  8. Matt says:

    We used to have short throw lenses with the image double stacked but it was hard to get the images lined up, so the lenses are now long throw. The projectors are slightly closer to the screen than our frontline of worship leaders, so there are not a problem, however the choir sometimes does interfere slightly, but it is not noticeable enough to have to work around.

  9. John says:

    Awesome! Gonna try this out, this week.
    Can you tell me the type of material used for screen?
    Thnx, from the promise land, TIJUANA

    • Matt says:

      Hey John, the material was ordered from overseas and cost around 5k. It’s a super reflective material used for movie screens.

      • John says:

        Hey Man, I buy Lighting from a factory overseas, So If you can give me a contact that you already worked with, Company name, material name or description and conyacy person, I’ll order it I have light coming some maybe I can have it come togther, Hey If you ever need lighting let me know!
        waiting, I’m on my way to get the sheets! bring in the sheets, hahaha Let rock on the world for Jesus!

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