Stage Designs

Infinity Stage

Ron Menees from iKids @ SafeHarbor in Prattville, AL brings us this stage inspired by an infinity mirror.

From Ron: One of the greatest challenges came from attempting to mount the LED tape to the wall. The adhesive that comes on the back of the tape is not strong enough to hold the tape over long runs. We found that horseshoe staples worked the best in holding the strip to the wall, When the LED strip is on, The horseshoe staples are not visible. This was our first time using LED Tape so we had to start from scratch. Our walls are 11′ tall on one side and 9′ tall on the other side with 6 strips of LED Tape on each wall (12 total). The strips have a 16″ gap in between the lines to add another dimension to the design. We had to solder jumpers between each gap using EvZ 4 Color RGB Extension Cable Line for LED Strip. For the ceiling we just attached them to the I-beams and on the floor we routed out a groove and laid the LED light strips inside the groove.
The total cost for this project was around $800.

Stacked Stripes Headlights

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