Stage Designs

Stacked Stripes

Cody Sifford from Pawleys Island Community Church in Pawleys Island, SC brings us this pallet/light bulb/rug design.

From Cody: We were looking for a warmer and wooden type of design.

I found someone to donate a spinet which we gutted and inserted a keyboard. Gutting a piano is very labor intensive, but can be done with most simple tools and a drill. Plan on several hours and keep band-aids nearby. (Wear eye protection when cutting strings!)

A member who owns a carpet store donated the rug.

A member who owns a landscaping company donated the pallets, and a contractor donated his time and tools to frame them together as one piece. We then used carriage bolts to add tilt back legs so they would be free standing.

The light bulbs were purchased from

The cords for the lights were purchased at and were the cheapest I could find anywhere at $4.50 a piece. Spray painted black. We tied them into a dimmer (3 circuits)

For the standing lights, I bought 6×6 posts (for bases) and cut to 4ft. Then ran a hole saw (all the way through) and inserted black painted 2in PVC pipes cut at various lengths. Ran the cord down the pipe and through the hole in the 6×6.

Since we were going for a more natural look we kept the LED washes to a minimum. Just a few LED pars to uplight 3 pallets.

Great Gears Infinity Stage

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