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Inset Screen Pallet Wall

Neal Thorne from Canby Christian Church in Canby, OR brings us this pallet wall that frames their projection screen.

Each year, a handful of Northwest Youth Pastor’s come together on the Oregon coast to put together a Youth camp for grades 9-12+ . Their goal for this youth camp is to meld together the greatest assets of a rustic camp, while still creating an environment in their main sessions that promotes excellence, purpose, and design presence. Their budget is pretty limited, so collectively they pull together their gear and ideas and do their best to put forward an aesthetically pleasing stage design.

Considering their budget was quite small, they thought that going the pallet route would be their best option. They looked at quite a few of the design ideas on Church Stage Design Ideas and used some ideas from many different designs. While it required quite a bit of work to collect and cut up the pallets, the actual cost was quite minimal and they felt the effort was well worth the finished product.

Their project coordinator pulled together some help and spent a few weeks gathering and ripping apart pallets. Using standard 2X4 lumber, he constructed a frame that included a cutout for our screen.

They rear projected onto a stretch screen.

While the wall turned out great, they knew it was really all about the lighting. This is where they were really stretched as they did not have the budget to rent/buy much lighting. But after pooling their gear, they ended up utilizing the following lighting for the stage: 8 P64 American DJ LED cans, 2 LED bars, and 4 Slim LED par cans.







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  1. Micaiah Van Evera says:

    How big did you make the screen?

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