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Intergalactic Trees

Angela Yee from University Covenant Church in Davis, California brings us these stellar Christmas trees inspired by Willow Creek’s Christmas set.

To create this set they used 4’x8′ styrofoam sheets. They first cut out the trees using an electric knife. They glued panels together using liquid nails to create sheets larger than 4’x8′. For extra reinforcement, they also glued long strips of styrofoam to the back to support the seams.

After they dried, they stuck in wooden skewers at opposite angles to hold the panels in place.

To add a bit of texture to the panels, they used a propane torch to draw swirls into the trees. They spray painted the cracks with white primer, then spray painted them different colors.

To create the waterfall, they used some existing frames for the base. They added rounded styrofoam at the top to give the waterfall a more natural look. Then they hung white fabric over the frame with voile on top of that. Finally they added fluffed tulle to the bottom to give it the waterfall froth.

They hung the trees from the ceiling with wooden dowels and fishing line. (Though they used chairs to support one.)

Then they added fake snow underneath using snow blankets and buffalo snow.

They only bought styrofoam, paint, and fake snow — so the total cost was about $250 or $300.

Get more details on this set on her blog post.

Wingspan Dropping Twinkles

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