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Interlocking Lines

Del Goncalves from Igreja Vida in Medford, MA brings us this great stage design for a short ceiling.

They bought all the materials at Home Depot for $1200. They used 2×4’s painted black to attach the boards to. They used primed boards of different sizes to make the horizontal look. They attached them randomly with a nail gun. They painted the board with five shades of gray to give some texture.

Then they used LED washed to make them come alive.







Logos and Boxes Star Grid

7 responses to “Interlocking Lines”

  1. Kevin says:

    To put that gobo image on the panels, did you have to alter the perspective on the gobo for it to show up like that or was the perspective normal? I am looking to create one and just wanted to know.

    • Del goncalves says:

      Hi kevin . I didn’t change the gobo perspective . just make sure to to place monogram high enough so won’t reflect on the people … And I’m using Etc source four

  2. Geoff McLarty says:

    I really like this set! One of my favorites. The spacing you created is very nice. Great job!

    This is a tip for the churches who want to use this idea, but can’t afford to spend this much.

    The fixtures looks about 12ft high and 8ft wide. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. The spacing between each piece of wood looks to be about an inch or so. There are roughly 21 boards per section. If my estimations of spacing are correct, you have 20-21 inches of spacing in each fixture, which would mean you only 123 inches of vertical board. So if all of those calculations and estimations are correct, you only need 10′ 1/4″ of wood (height) to make each section.

    You can purchase 1/4x4x8 Hardwood Underlayment Plywood from Lowes for about $13 a sheet. Then cutting that sheet into the pieces needed. You would only need 2 sheets of this to make a section, using the left over for the next section. They have 5 sections, so you would need about 11.25 sheets of the plywood, which would cost $156. Then you would need studs and anchors for these sections. They used 3 studs per section. Studs run about $4 for 2x2x12′ studs at Lowes. They use 3 studs per section so it would cost roughly $80 for the studs for all 5 sections. So total for wood would be $256. From the looks of it, the striped wood is two different colors. A beige grey and white. All gallon of standard paint can cover 400 sq ft. So a gallon of each of these costs about $25-$35. So total cost should be around $330-$350.

    Hopefully that helps those who see the cost and think it’s out of their price range. Always remember, that it’s not about amount you spend. Often times it just takes some planning and ingenuity to pull off something like this.

  3. Geoff McLarty says:

    Sorry for the long previous post, but this stage reminds me of “Mismatched” that was posted from earlier this year.

    I can’t get over how good you guys made this look. What’s your lighting rig like?

  4. Del goncalves says:

    Hi kevin . I didn’t change the gobo perspective . just make sure to to place monogram high enough so won’t reflect on the people … And I’m using Etc source four ..

  5. Del goncalves says:

    I will be glad to give u some more details about how it was done .

  6. Kathie Showerman says:

    what kind of paint was used. Shiny, dull, what kind of sheen do we need.

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