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Inventive Stage

Dwayne Riner from The Ark Church in Conroe, TX brings us this cool kids camp stage design.

They created this set for our kids camp. The camp was called Glo and the theme centered around inventors. The stage was used in their drama which took place in an inventor’s garage. They wanted it to look like high tech, but also low budget. The set was built with pallet slats on studs. The yellow tubes were flexible ducting lit with Christmas lights. They used a slide from a disassembled playground. The “slime” was created with gap fill. The set was lit with large production backlights in addition to their sanctuary’s stage LED stage lights and intelligent lights. The Lobby set was created with trussing and backlight strips. Glowing cubes (not pictured) were created out of Coro and LED tape on the inside. The glowing outfits were clothes with EL Wire sewn in.







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5 responses to “Inventive Stage”

  1. Nathan says:

    Wow! Great job! Do you guys write your own curriculum?

    • Dwayne Riner says:

      Yes, we do. We write weekly curriculum as well as creating a curriculum for Kids Camp. We do three services per day for camp. It includes a full drama as well. You can check out some of the services at

      • Nathan says:

        Do you make your curriculum available to other churches? If so, where could I find it? I love what you guys are doing! Where do y’all get your ideas from? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks

        • Dwayne Riner says:

          No problem at all. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw the comment. Thanks so much for the comments. At them moment, we don’t but we hope that will change soon. We’re planning to release our curriculum this coming year. We have a number of series being prepared. But, if you’d like to preview one of our series and give us some feedback we’d love to give you the opportunity. Just email me and we can set something up. My email is

  2. Don Blanton says:

    I would love to see some images of the stage without people. I am working on something similar and there are some great ideas I am seeing on this set. Do you have any that I can find beyond what is listed here?

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