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The Shift App

I wanted to let you know about a really cool app available for stage designers and visual worship leaders. It’s called the Shift Media Creator.

It’s such a perfect and obvious solution for those of us who use media in our services. Using your iPhone¬†and its camera, you can make our own onscreen visuals and motion graphics. It’s super simple to use, versatile, and inexpensive ($1). It comes preloaded with filters and motion overlays to turn any image into an onscreen masterpiece. Check out the video to see some of its features.

I got an early preview of the app and was very impressed. Plus, I got to meet the creators of the app at a recent conference. I was very pleased to see that they have a heart for the church and for helping visual worshipers do their jobs better. The app is really a labor of love.

I encourage you to download the app. Then start experimenting with it. Feel free to take place in the Twitter feed using the hashtag #madewithshift. Check out what others have made and post your own creations.

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2 responses to “The Shift App”

  1. Yolanda Cochrane says:

    Do you have this app for android?

  2. Jason Garland says:

    can we get this app for android please, not everyone uses apple

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