Stage Designs

It’s Going Down

Alex Miller, Timothy Dyche, and Joseph Fowler from GO Church in Sharpsburg, GA brings us this clean use of LED tape.


  • foam board
  • aluminum strut
  • “dumb” and “smart” mappable LED strips
  • wax paper for diffusion
  • photograph backdrop paper
  • Chauvet Epix LED bars
  • LED batons

To create this, they bolted twenty 8 ft pieces of aluminum strut together to create ten vertical columns. They secured dumb LED strips to the back of each aluminum strut column. Then they added smart LED strips in the front of the channel and diffused them with wax paper. They created ten 16 ft columns out of styrofoam board (from Home Depot) wrapped in photo backdrop paper.

The 8 Epix lights were intended to extend the feel out to the wings of their stage. They were controlled, along with the smart LED strips, with Arkaos via Artnet.

Budget: $4,000

Strips and Reflectors Throwback: Tightly Gridded

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