Stage Lighting

Lined Lighting

Troy Jansen from CityLife Church in Wantira South, Australia brings us this awesome stage lighting set.

This year’s set was designed to create a smaller stage. They used x22 LED fusion bars, along with additional x6 sun strips.

They ran the entire show out to timecode triggering from their tracks rig. The entire show was pre programmed 4 weeks out via GrandMA 3D.

Rig includes:

X4 575 spots
X4 575 wash
X4 robe 600 robins
X21 Sun strips
X22 LED fusion bars
X10 TriLED
GrandMA 2 console

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One response to “Lined Lighting”

  1. ashley seeley says:

    Where can I purchase these lights? Any links you can share? Thanks.

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