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Jesus Brite

The Hopeland Team from Hopeland Church in Dayton, Ohio brings us this Jesus sign for their stage.

They bought basic ball style lights from a local Wal-Mart and fixtures from Lowes along with some plywood. They drew out on paper where they wanted the lights to be for spelling out the JESUS letters and then drilled holes according to that plan along 16′ x 5′ of plywood. Then they used 12-2 wiring to wire up each light and attached the plywood sheets to a 2×4 frame that was set up with 4×4 legs and base. Very heavy, but simple to accomplish. Total cost was about $600 with 100% volunteer labor.

Each letter of lightbulbs was clustered to a dimmer channel so that each letter could be individually controlled by the lighting system.




Plane Formations Stenciled Leaflets

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  1. Yuriy says:

    What type of bulbs? Can you get me the exact link. Looks awsome

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