Special Event Design

Stenciled Leaflets

Dustin Pead from Friendship Church in Greenwood, IN brings us this stage design for a series called Unscripted.

They held a photo shoot for the graphic in a 2ft x 2ft shadow box of a room filed with scripts. They got the inspiration for it from an album by Shane & Shane called “Pages”. From there, they shot a trailer of a guy discovering that his life had been scripted out entirely for him. For the stage, they wanted to mimic the graphic so they covered their stage walls with scripts that they printed themselves ($20 for all the paper). They used white thumb tacks to adhere them to their stage foam wall ($8 for 500 tacks) and overlapped the pages to hide the tacks even more.

After they got the papers in place, they made their own stencil out of a 1/4″ sheet of plywood for the word “UNSCRIPTED” using the same font as the graphics they created. They lined up the stencil on the stage left wall and sprayed it with flat black spray paint ($4). Lastly, they set a few color scenes on their LED wash lights. The install went way faster than anticipated with a team of 4-5 people.










Jesus Brite Rivet