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Jesus is Stage Design

Tom Eyre at The City Church in Washington, DC submitted this stage design for their campaign called “Jesus Is ____.” The goal was to start conversations about Jesus by asking people to fill in the blank. They had a website for people to do that: www.jesus-is.org. Based on the answers they constructed light boxes to put on stage that would resemble the website.

Tom was kind enough to create a PDF detailing the process…so rather than recreate the wheel…here’s the PDF! PDF for Lightboxes. Enjoy!

Mountains High, Checkers Low The Grass is Greener

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  1. Robert Lee says:

    This what such a good idea that we used it for our upcoming series titled 'Passion'. We took the design and put words of passion in the middle. The specs for the design were great. To save on cost and build time ( we are a portable church) we replaced the plywood backing with white coroplast and instead of the individual lights, we used a under counter light ($9) which we installed in the middle of the coroplast. We removed the diffuser and got a great look. This eliminated any wiring and made the whole unit much lighter and more portable. I will post pics soon.

    Thanks for the great idea

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