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Mountains High, Checkers Low

Alex Armstrong bring us this stage design he created for the college ministry of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA. The checker squares were made from foam board wrapped in craft paper and hung by black string. The mountain face textures in the center and off to the sides are crumpled paper. The cost of this design was about $150. Amazing!

Bedtime Stories Jesus is Stage Design

4 responses to “Mountains High, Checkers Low”

  1. tuckersound says:

    Looks great….

    Its good to see folks not afraid of having a "full" video screen on stage…. rather just enough to let your words be seen.

    pretty cool.

  2. Dennis Calhoun says:

    how did you get the crumpled paper thing to work?

    • alex armstrong says:

      To get the crumple look, just simply take art craft paper from schoolbox (or anywhere else they sell it) and crumple accordingly to the amount of texture you want from the outside in. The side crumpled paper I attached to the wing drapes with gaff tape and cut it to height. For the middle I gaffed taped about 7 or 8 strips to PVC pipe and dropped some tie line from the ceiling to hang it. I had to put another PVC pipe in the middle for ground support so it wouldn't sag in the middle of it. I didn't want string hanging in the middle of the screen. Everything was lit from the bottom except the orange squares.

  3. Pastora Itzel says:

    This looks great! Can u tell me how you project the words to the wall? Is it a screen? Can u just hang the paper? Looks cool. We want that young industrial look. GBU

    Pastors Maynor & Itzel

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