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Juicy Fruit

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this fruity kids design.

Their Fruit of the Spirit series was a gushing good time.

The grapes were high quality helium balloons tied with fishing string to a stick found in the woods and debarked. The high quality balloons stayed completely inflated for the entire month.

The orange tree was a combination of green material, kraft paper, chicken wire, 2×4 frame and playground balls covered in tissue paper.

The apple was chicken wire covered in papier-mâché.

The banana and strawberries were chicken wire and, you guessed it, tissue paper.

The cherries were very simple, play balls taped together with cardboard leaves attached.

Total Cost $38.00
Est. Time 19hrs.






Words in Walls Most Popular – May 2013

One response to “Juicy Fruit”

  1. Lisa Green says:

    This is an awesome stage design. I have looked at some of Ken Neff’s other set designs and he does a fantastic job. God has really given him a vision for his children’s department. Way to go Ken!

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