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Words in Walls

Charlie Gabbard from Jubilee Worship Center in Hobart, IN brings us these walls sporting words on them.

They used 4×8 sheets of thin plywood and cut them in strips every 5 inches. They left the natural color of the wood. Then they built frames out of 2x4s and painted the frames black. They screwed the slats to the frames and used a total of 12 LED Par 64s to light.

They painted the letters on the wall which took about 2 hours to do. The walls on the outside were 12 feet tall by 8 feet wide. The walls behind the drums were 8×8.

The words in the middle were simply a banner, stretched and front lit.





photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Tightly Polarized Juicy Fruit

3 responses to “Words in Walls”

  1. Dale says:

    Charlie did a great job on this design. It was inexpensive and looked great. Totally a WOW moment for the church.

  2. Brandon Holt says:

    Is the sound booth up in the balcony at this church? I believe my old worship band played a youth conference/revival night here years ago…2005-2006 maybe. I haven’t been out to Hobart since and had forgotten about that night until now. At any rate…the design looks great…awesome way to maximize the worship atmosphere using minimal resources! Good job Charlie!

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