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Tightly Polarized

Justin Parrish from The Well Church in Salt Lake City, Utah brings us these tightly stacked faux LED bars.

They wanted something to fill up the back drop of the stage, and would reflect light well. So they built 3 stands out of wood, and attached 30 white pvc pipe across the stands. They used 1 Elation Opti Tri Par on each side to light the pipes. They are a mobile church that has to be portable – setting up each weekend.





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2 responses to “Tightly Polarized”

  1. Kendall says:

    Cool – I’m a huge fan of simplicity. I think you’ve used your space well – I’m looking at your stage & encouraged about my situation – Matthew 25:21

  2. Danny Sena says:

    How You guys attach the PVC to the frames?

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