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Kid City

Anna from First Colony Church of Christ in Sugar Land, Texas brings us this skyline for their kids.

The skyscraper buildings were made out of foam board with vellum paper attached to the back of the windows. 4×8 wooden frames with 2″ hole straps on each side of the frames. The buildings were put through pipe and poles. The black died buildings were bought from Stumps party website | still of night theme.

They added other objects such as park benches, fake foliage, and street lamps to create the ‘park feel’. At the end of the stage, they placed 2×4 foam board pieces painted like grass with flowers. The foam board was slipped into 2-2×4 wood pieces (screwed).







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2 responses to “Kid City”

  1. Great idea with the grass. Gonna use that for our summer set.



  2. susan says:

    Love! Great job!

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