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Jon Werning from Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI brings us this set for InspireU, a biennial Women’s Event at their church.

Theme: “What is your Anything?”

The banner at the left was a simple banner on foamcore. The letters at the front were 2″ pink insulation hand cut and hand painted. IU logo was large format on gatorboard. Ring of lights was 60 satin bulbs (4 strings of 15) mounted on a ring of plywood. Total budget: less than $1,000.







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4 responses to “Logos and Logos”

  1. Erika Williams says:

    Could you tell me how you did the inspire lettering?
    Thank you!!

    • Jon Werning says:

      That was large format printing mounted onto foamcore and cut with a utility knife. (low tech, low cost!)

  2. Josh Greer says:

    Can you tell me a little more detail on how you did the Anything? lettering please?

    • Jon Werning says:

      I used the old school method to enlarge the letters–typed them, overlaid a grid and then reproduced the grid on 2″ insulation panels. I used something like a hacksaw blade and cut them by hand, but realized after the fact that a long-blade jigsaw would have done the job much more efficiently. Did a little sanding on the edges and then painted w/ latex paint. Fun job. I screwed them into a horizontal board at the base and screwed that right into the edge of the stage (didn’t exactly ask permission on that one…).

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