Special Event Design


Scott Avey from Grace Community Church in Indiana brings us this kinked masterpiece from their series “Kinks”. Scott usually only has 4-8 days notice of what their series will be so this project came together quickly and inexpensively ($150 max for the coroplast, hoses and dryer vent hoses). Scott handcut the Coroplast to make the letters–using an old-fashioned overhead projector with the logo printed on it (2-hour process).

Scott used mylar/aluminum and vinyl dryer vent hoses from Walmart for $8/8ft section. All of the hoses were suspended and twisted around using craft wire. The letters were lit with American DJ LED Par 56’s, an Elation Blinder, and Three Chauvet LED RGB strobes. The trusses were lit with American DJ LED par 56’s. They used Freestyler DMX for their lighting software (a free Windows based DMX controller).

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