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We’re pleased to welcome Todd Otte from Mariner’s Church in Irvine, California to the site! To introduce the creativity here’s Todd’s Q*Bert inspired design from 2007. The design used white cardboard boxes 30in x 30in x 30in stacked off axis and gaffed from the back. The set was surprisingly strong and stable even at 20ft. To create the shadow effect he lit the boxes from different sides. Innovative, simple, and easily scalable to any size church!

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5 responses to “Q*bert”

  1. Rob Sheild says:

    Looks great! I love the use of everyday items in design…

  2. Heather says:

    Was the light projected using exterior lights or were they lit from the inside?

  3. jeremy says:

    love the idea…where did you get the boxes?

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