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Words with Friends

This stage from Matt Ludik at Grace Family Church in Durban, South Africa set was inspired by the “Advent Conspiracy” initiative. Matt began by designing a model of the stage in Google’s Ketchup (I’m working on coining this nickname for Google Sketchup. Spread it around. Can you have more than one sentence in parenthesis?).

The 9 words were cut out of polystyrene by a nearby polystyrene manufacturer. Then they hung them pseudo-randomly at different heights and depths on the stage. Finally the lit the 3d-text with Mac250 washes, and LED Par cans programmed to matched the palette of the screens.

This set took about 10 man-hours and $20 worth of nylon fishing line, wood strips, wood glue, and water-based paint. The polystyrene was provided by a congregation member (but check out the cost…not too expensive).

The buckets on the stage were part of a ‘food drive’ they do over thanksgiving. They ask each congregant to consider buying a bucket, and fill it with a specific list of groceries for people in need.

Q*bert Luminescent Columns

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  1. Steven says:

    how did you make the letters?

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