Christmas Designs

Lamp Posts

MacKenzie Stephens from Okolona Christian Church in Louisville, KY brings us these cool lamp posts.

For their 2014 Christmas stage set, they utilized a park theme. To do this, they needed to build lampposts; so they created them out of 10’ sticks of schedule 40 PVC pipe. They started by measuring and drilling out a 3” toilet flange and bolting them to plywood that they already had laying around (18”x24” and 3/8” thick). Before they bolted the flanges on, they painted the plywood black and then cut the 10’ sticks of schedule 40 PVC pipe in half. After inserting the 5’ stick of schedule 40 PVC pipe and placing the second 3” toilet flange on top, they spray painted the pipe and joints black. Once it was dry, they had access to outdoor décor lamps that they bolted to the top flange (bolts will vary depending on the type of lantern you decide to use). Once the lamppost was assembled, they wrapped the post in garland, added Christmas lights, and placed an LED flicker candle in it. It cost less than $50 to assemble two lampposts with bases, not counting the decorative lamp on top. If you wanted to use electric lights you could use a lamppost light on top of the schedule 40 PVC instead of the top flange and wire the light up through the post.










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