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Pallet Projection

Danny Isom from Hill Country Bible Church | Austin in Austin, TX brings us this rustic look for Christmas including projected words.

They wanted to update the Christmas look, but keep the same trees from the year before. They decided to go with an organic look to match the creams and golds on the trees. To build the back wall, they framed out 4 middle sections 4’x10′ and two outer at 4’x8′. Danny had recently replaced his fence so they took all the old pickets and some newer cedar pieces from a previous project and randomly laid them out on the sections. They decided to overlay the edges, so that the wall would not look like 6 separate sections on stage but one full piece. Because they used so much reclaimed wood, the total price was only $300 for wood and a few mason jar lamps used on the sides. To add a modern feel, they projected different phrases from Scripture or Christmas songs throughout the season onto the wall. The projection was triple-wide and edge blended using ProPresenter and 3 Hitachi CP-A352WN projectors.












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14 responses to “Pallet Projection”

  1. Debb says:

    Can you explain more about how to project the words onto the palett wall? We have 3 projectors but they are used for the 3 screens like you have in your setup. Would I need to use additional projectors for the letters on the palett, and where are the projectors set up?

  2. Caren Franco says:

    Hello, Im trying to see if you can help me Im the leader for my Church’s projection ministry, and I wanted to know stuff that I can use to make or just project good lyrics/ or like stuff like that, such as in the photos?
    All I know and have is OpenLP, but I really just need someones help!? Thankyou Godbless!

    • Danny Isom says:

      We used ProPesenter and Matrox Triple Head to Go for this project. The graphics were created in PhotoShop with a 3072×1080 resolution.

  3. John Walters says:

    How did you project the words on the wood?

  4. Tara says:

    How do you go about projecting the words on the wall and not seeing the outline of the screen? Usually when you use a projector, there is a box around everything (“the screen”). And in yours, it just has the words displayed. You would never guess it was ‘projection’ because you don’t see the box around it. Also, why did you need 3 projectors? Did you need a projector for each different font or is it because of the size of the projection itself? We did some research on that projector you listed and it is discontinued… do you know of another one that is comparable?

  5. Seth Heller says:

    what was the font used on the large words

  6. Good morning,
    I absolutely love the
    ‘O Come let us Adore Him’ on pallet wood. We are looking to do something very similar but do not have the option for projector. I want to cut out the words on foam board to stick to paneling. I cannot find the Sverige script anywhere. Any ideas? I am trying to make a template

  7. Micah says:

    can you do those type words on one projector?

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