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Lanterned Christmas Stage Design

Brent Wernsing from New Walk Church in Zephyrhills, Florida brings us these ornaments and trees for their Christmas stage design.

They hung 15 light bulb strings ($16) with white and red paper lanterns of varying sizes ($3-$7).

They were hung at different depths and different heights. The lights were on their own separate channels of multiple 4-channel dimmer packs.

They also had 7 triangle shape trees made out of sheets of white Coroplast. They added a thin wooden frame around the tree and also added a base for support. They trees varied in size as well from 6ft-16ft.

They were front-lit with Par56 LEDs. 2-3 on the smaller trees, about 6 on the large tree.

– Cutting and constructing the trees took about 3-5hrs.
– Stringing and hanging the lanterns took about 4hrs. *They operate out of a YMCA and have to setup and tear down each week so they had some limitations on how/where they could hang the bulbs.





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One response to “Lanterned Christmas Stage Design”

  1. Geoff McLarty says:

    Great use of space! Especially in a setup and tear down atmosphere!

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