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Wooden Banner Drops

Beckie Campbell from First Church of God in Vero Beach, FL brings us their Christmassy design.

They were thinking about the line in the song “make my heart your home”. After some thought it came to…”where was Jesus’ first home? The stable!”

So they wanted to make a modern look of a stable and have some beautiful light in it. They decided on a white washed stable.

They built the hanging white walls with 2×6’s and a frame. Then they white washed painted it. They added some cool globes made out of plastic cups they stapled together. They dropped a light inside them and hung those from the ceiling (found them on Pintrest). They then printed large format paper banners with a scaled image of a white washed barn onto them and hung them from the rear wall. They added Christmas trees and LED Pars to uplight the “white walls”. Total cost: $580.






Checkered Past Using Stage Fabrics and Soft Goods

One response to “Wooden Banner Drops”

  1. Eric says:

    I’m curious where you bought the light strands on either side of the cross to make the starry effect (or did you make those?). Thanks!

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