Stage Designs

Leaning Arrows

Donna Lewis from Seneca Community Church in Romulus, NY brings us these easy to build arrow pieces.

They made a template to assemble and space each chevron evenly on the upright. Chevrons were made from 1″ x 4″ softwood cut at a 30-degree angle. The total width of the Chevron was 32 inches wide. The bottom of the upright had a footer to keep it square to the wall to prevent twisting. The edges were sanded to give them a softer appearance. Then they were painted with two coats of latex paint. They saved money by purchasing paint from the clearance shelf.

Eyebolts were used on the wall and in the back of the upright. A heavy fishing line was used to lean them away from the wall. The line was less visible than wire.

The entire structure cost $70 (not including lights). Construction took approximately 10 hours and the install took 2 hours with 2 people. Lighting was with can lights from the floor. Rope lights on the floor gave extra illumination. Also they experimented by moving the lighting in between the chevrons for a different look.

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