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Halo and Towers

Cody Sifford from Pawleys Island Community Church in Pawleys Island, SC brings us this different design using a wooden look.

The columns were concrete form tubes fastened to 2x2s, wrapped in vinyl with faux burl wood grain. These self-adhesive rolls are on Amazon for about $15 for a 10ft roll. Then they were banded with aluminum strap. The team put LED pars on top with all cabling running through the inside. They white uplit in front of each column.

The ring was built from 6- 2″ thick foam boards stacked and glued perpendicular to each other. Coroplast was then cut and screwed around the outside and inside of ring. Then it was all wrapped with vinyl. Cody added 2 double row LED strips to the inside with DMX decoders on the top of the ring.

The ring hung from 3 eye bolts tilted back so you can see the stained glass from the front.

The stained glass was printed on backlight paper, adhered to clear acrylic disc, and suspended in the middle of the ring. LED pars overhead shrone through the back of the “stained glass” to illuminate.

The riser front panels were acrylic sheets wrapped with vinyl.

Total cost was around $400.

Shabby Chic Leaning Arrows

2 responses to “Halo and Towers”

  1. Jeremy Ginn says:

    VERY COOL! Love this look!

  2. Kent Coleman says:

    Awesome job! I like the different materials use for the halo. I can see flying a small pico projector above it and projecting on the acrylic panel in the middle. Stained glass patterns, moving clouds, etc. Great design!

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