Christmas Designs

Shabby Chic

Amy Mead from Findlay First Church of the Nazarene in Findlay, OH brings us this Christmas design.

From Amy: We wanted to pull in a “shabby-chic” concept to go with our theme of “Once Upon A Time”.

Walls: Initially we were going to use pallets but found some amazing panels at Home Depot for about $30 each that we were able to use instead. This ended up saving money AND saved tons of time not having to pull them apart to build a wood wall. The walls were built on a 2×4 frame in 4 foot sections so it is all portable and able to be easily stored for future use. The end result looks wonderful!

We used simple green trees with warm white Christmas lights to fill in the stage space and pulled the design across the entire area and not just in the center of the stage. Under the trees was covered in burlap. We used Edison Lights (Amazon) across the back of the walls to further pull in the shabby-chic design and that added the finishing touch.

Our theme words were cut out on wood with a laser cutter, painted white, and saturated in iridescent glitter while the paint was still wet. The pictures don’t show it well but it glistened beautifully in the lighting. We added low wattage white lights on white cords in front of the words and covered them with white fluffy “snow” and sprinkled iridescent chunky glitter on top.

We also created a mini version of our stage design in our welcome center complete with a park bench. This was our photo booth area and our people loved it for family pictures!

Every tree within our entire building carried over this design. Burlap, Edison lights, and shabby-chic ornaments decorated everything from door to door. The ladies of our church gathered for several weeks and hand-crafted our tree ornaments.

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