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LED by the Spirit

Cypress Church from Cypress Church in Galloway, Ohio brings us this great LED tape design.

From the team: This is our shot at an LED Tape Light Set that spanned across our whole stage. We have a very oddly shaped stage and don’t have a ton of real-estate due to our triple-wide screen setup. We saw some posts using LED tape lighting and quickly jumped to make it our own.

The first step was finding out what to buy how much everything was going to cost and where we could save money. We have links below to help you with that process.

Next we made a design plan and figured out the best way to do it. In our case we made a central HUB for our dmx decoders and decided to use ribbon cable to power and control each LED light from that central HUB. The HUB was in one DMX chain so you only had to plug in one dmx cable.

DMX Decoder Explanation:

There is a picture below of one DMX decoder. You will see that each DMX decoder is labeled pretty well. You have you power + and – that will come from the power supply. Then you have three cable for DMX in, and three cables for DMX out. Finally, you have RGBW and a power cable (Black) that is all for your LED tape lights.

After testing the decoders and making sure it worked the way we needed, we went to installing the tape lights. We built the frames out of small 1″ square wood pieces that we cut up from 1″ plywood scraps. These were attached to supports that we have spanning across the stage. We DID NOT buy the correct 90 degree angle pieces to connect two tape lights together, so for the peak of each of our points, we had to make a loop and then cover it with thick plastic shielding.

Here’s the link to a video explaining some of the process:

Purchase Links:

DMX Decoder:

Power Supply:

LED Tape Lights:

Ribbon Cable:











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