Stage Designs

LED Lines

Christopher Palazini from Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT brings us this great LED tape design, nestled inside PVC homes.

From Christopher: We installed this for a period of only eight weeks, but kept the infrastructure (wiring, power supplies and LED controllers) in place for whatever else we may come up with….which happened at Christmas.

Forty sections of various lengths were created by using 2″ ID schedule 40 PVC ripped the length, and the LED tape (RGB+CW) installed inside. Each of the 34 sections was individually controlled via DMX and our MA Dot2 console.

Additionally we purchased sections of black and white “spandex” pipe coverings to stretch over the sections to help diffuse the individual LEDs. Intially, we had opted for the black to help hide the strips when not in use, however the diffusion did not work as well as the white.


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