Stage Designs

LED Trapezoids

Alex Roscoe from Westside Believers Church in Taft, California brings us this fun, geometric use of LED tape.

The church came to Alex and his company with pictures and videos of Hillsong’s recent stage design and wanted to mimic it on their stage. They designed and provided the following set for them. The total installation was about three days, which is typical of for Pixel installations as there is more work involved.

Equipment Used:
26 – rolls of Pixel Tape (5-meter-long rolls with 30 pixels per meter)
2 – LightPixel Designs Artnet controllers (32 universe controller)
11 – Pixel Receivers (2 Pixel SPI outputs each)
Wood for the frames
Various lengths of 3-core extension cable
12 – 5v Power supplies
JST Jumpers for corners

Project Details:
The frames were built by the client in order to save the shipping cost. They felt comfortable soldering and cutting the strips so, LightPixel provided rolls and instructions and they made the frames themselves.

For churches not comfortable with soldering or cutting, LightPixel can make the pieces exactly to the size they require. To make the corners on the strips, they used JST connectors making each strip modular. If a strips breaks it can easily be swapped out without having to redo the whole frame. The frames were then hung with aircraft cable in the desired layout.

Their team handled the mapping and hardware configuration of the shapes. They choose to use MadMapper to pixel map the strips as it allows Live video input via Syphon from other applications. They were already using QLab to play their videos so they were able to use Syphon and take their live videos from QLAB and play it over the pixels. Other installs they also use MadMapper and most of the time take live input from ProPresenter, which many churches already have.

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