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Check out this giant disco-ball heart that a church in the Philippines sported on their stage.

Kristine Corona at Victory University Belt in Manila, Philippines shared this really cool, inexpensive stage prop with us. They created this heart from a wooden skeleton covered with chicken wire. For the disco-ball effect they just placed blocks of red metallic paper on the outside. They spent around $55 for this whole thing. Amazing!

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  1. john paul herrera says:

    this is so cool! kristine corona rocks! Victory U-Belt and its volunteers rock!

  2. Mary Grace Reyes says:

    Go! Creative Team!

  3. brandon says:

    Any idea on where i can get that metallic paper…possibly in silver?

  4. Adam Allen says:

    any input on what this wooden frame/chicken wire looked like pre-metallic paper?

  5. Angelcakes says:

    What about how it is hung? It’s pretty heavy. Any ideas?

  6. kristineluv says:

    we used nylon strings

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