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These shining towers of light come to us from Beckie Campbell at First Church of God in Vero Beach, Florida. Beckie’s team likes to walk around Home Depot and find things to light. So they found this plastic sheet roofing ($20 each), drilled two holes in the tops, and hung them with tie line. They then lit them with Colorado 1’s from the floor.

The Choices logo was created a series their pastor was doing. They made the choices sign out of 4″ styrofoam cut with a saw and sanded smooth. They glued the letters to a 2×1 to attach them all together. This allowed them to move the logo whenever they needed. The Choices sign is lit from a front bar with a fresnel and a gel.

The Road Less Spandexed

5 responses to “Choices”

  1. I'm so glad I saw this! We're looking at doing something very similar with the letters for our series in December and was clueless as to how to achieve this cheaply. I'm curious to know where they got the styrofoam and how much it was. Also, did they use a single 2×1 across the middle of the word to attach them?

    • Hi Travis! I'm pretty sure they just had a 2×1 on the bottom of the letters. I'll email Becky and ask her if she can give you deets about that and where they got the styrofoam.

      I know you can also look for styropore locally to see what's available. It's the same thing. Styrofoam is actually just supposed to be for insulation.

    • Hey Travis! Wrote to Beckie, this is what she had to say:
      We purchased the styrofoam from Home depot. It is 4” foam and comes in a 4×8 sheet that cost us about $25.00 per sheet. We used 2 and a half sheets for these letters (broke a few in the making process).
      The 2×1 board that we used was a single board & we attached the letters with this industrial double sided sticky tape that is insane (don’t get it on there crooked or wrong cuz it rips your letters apart) I had to reapply some of the letter throughout the 10 week series but we moved the “word” around three or four times a week so that was why.

  2. chad says:

    i've had a hard time finding the thick styrofoam…where do you guys get yours?

  3. Tyler Jacobs says:

    Look on Google for a foam supplier in your area. You can get huge sheets and shapes of it and many can cut them in house (it will cost you though)

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