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The Road Less Spandexed

Keith Bell from Carterville Christian Church sent us this bit of towering spandex from their series “The Road Less Traveled”. He purchased 24 yards of spandex from Spandex World (not to be confused with gyms from the 80’s)  for $7/yd. They then lit it with 10 Par 64s…5 on the bottom 5 on top.

For backlighting they used 22′ of structural pipe purchased from their local steel company holding 4 8″ Fresnels.

Project Projection Choices

2 responses to “The Road Less Spandexed”

  1. jthtiger says:

    I like this a lot! I love simplicity!

    I have a big question for everyone though. One of the biggest obstacles I face at my venue is the baptistery. If you look at my design on here called "I'm Feeling Glassy" you can see where our screen is. Right below that, there is what appears to be a black wall. That's not actually a wall, its a black curtain. Open it up and you reveal the baptistery. I can't design stuff in front of the baptistery unless it's easily removable.

    How do you guys take care of this? I haven't seen a baptistery in any of these designs, so do you guys even have one?

    By the way, this isn't exactly directed to this designer, but everyone.

    -Tyler Herron

    • Hi Tyler. We had the same issue with our stage:

      Essentially, we put the huge screen in the center directly in front of the baptistry. We put the screen on a cranking system so we could raise it for baptisms. This is definitely not the most elegant method, but we already had the stands that cranked up so it was free. :)

      When we crank up the screen it makes a loud noise, and we can't use the projector during the baptisms…but it worked for us. We do our baptisms at a service that is geared more for our regulars, so being a bit unprofessional is a little more allowed. Hope that helps some.

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