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This summer Horizons Community Church in Ham Lake, Minnesota pulled down their back wall curtain and built a 18′ by 48′ white back wall. Its purpose was to capture lighting and eventually to handle front projection. Back wall wash lighting was easily accomplished with led color bars by Chavuet. The projection element was made possible with ProPresenter 4, a Matrox TripleHead2Go and 3 Hitachi CP-A52/100 projectors. Since there was no room for rear screen projection the Hitachi short throw projectors made it possible to create the back wall video. All the still graphics were created in-house but all animated drops where purchased from Igniter Media.

Plus check out the riser walls. They built them with a basic material list of 1*6 pine boards on top with 1*4 bottoms trimmed with 1*1’s and 1*2’s. They connected them with cabinet screws and used a Kreg jig to create the pockets for the screws. In the pictures below they stapled black fabric to the back of them, but in the past they’ve used film paper from their large print cannon and have back lit them from under the platform with LED bars.

Thanks to Rich Probert for submitting it!

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5 responses to “Project Projection”

  1. Kjell says:

    Are there any pictures of the platform with the film lit? I'm curious, I've been trying to create a similar effect.

  2. kkw says:

    You guys should try some edge blending software for those three projectors.

  3. Tom Clark says:

    How are you using Pro4 to do the two different lyric feeds? (I'm referring to the lyrics on both the center and then on your IMAG if that needs to be cleared up :))

    • probertr says:

      Tom, we are using a separate presentation system for the IMAG. We are treating it as a lower third that is layered over the IMAG shots through our video switcher. The IMAG is what we use for our web cast.

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