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Letters in a Web

Phil Haydn from Living Water Community Church in Dalton, Ohio, brings us this great use of foam and rope.

They built this for their Kids Camp weekend. The theme was “Jump: Faith in Motion”, so they opted for an energetic set design.

They first ran out and bought 30 yards of cheap fabric ($2/yard). They used that as the backdrop and lit it with some LED Par38s.

To create the “Faith in Motion” webs, they used some left over wood and built black stands. Then they used nails all around and wrapped some rope through the nails. They made the letters out of foam that they picked up from Lowes. Then they painted the letters green and stuck them in the webs.

Finally, the “Jump” cutouts were made the same way they were made in the Mountains of Light stage design.

Staging a Premier Tiny Grids

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  1. EHC says:

    Can you possibly provide the demensions for the frames? Thanks!

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