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Tiny Grids

Brice Basquez from New Hope Community Church in Bryan, Ohio brings us this great design incorporating plastic ceiling light grids.

On a trip to Lowes, they bought some aluminum screening (about $30) and white plastic ceiling light grids ($10/each) to see what they could do with them. They hung the aluminum screening in columns along their back wall and lit them with Chavet COLORstrips. Then they hung some black fabric on the back wall and put the grids in front. They lit the grids with Chauvet LEDsplash 196’s. Pretty cool use of the materials!

Total spent: $90 for the materials (not including lights).

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4 responses to “Tiny Grids”

  1. brandon says:

    Great use of the materials! Especially the grids. very cool

  2. Graham says:

    Hey Nifty Idea. We will try this…

  3. Jared says:

    Looks great. How did you get the light grids to stand and stay in place?

  4. jesse says:

    looks great ! makes you proud when he’s your son in law…jesse

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