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Light Swirl Towers

Kunle John from Reallife Christian Centre in Abeokuta, Nigeria brings us this those printed stage design elements.

This design was installed for a conference. They first drew an artistic representation of the stage in Corel Draw using the appropriate dimensions.

They started by printing the design using a large format printer. Then they framed the pieces using dibond aluminum panels—for the frames and to create the pillars. They also used white transparent plastic glass to add reflectivity to the pillars.

The whole set measure 42 feet in width. The highest points of the set measured 11feet and the stage platform was a little less than 2feet in height. Two sizes of aluminium frames were used; 40mm*40mm and 950. Two par can LEDs 3*36 were used to lit the pillars from inside.

The cost of the whole set, apart from the platform and lights inside the pillars, was about $634.




Windows to Nowhere Rippling Background

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  1. Frank Waive says:

    Nice to see something from Nigeria, Am inspired to send some of mine

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