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Monument Stage Design

Terry Sullivan from Lexington Community Church in Lexington, NC brings us this design that looks like it would be a monument in Washington DC.

Looking for a quick backdrop to hold them over between series, they went shopping at Lowes for something that would play well with lighting. They used stick pins to pin “rafter vents” to the Coroplast sheets which serve as their backdrop supports. They overlapped the flat edges of each piece as they lined them up together. As a bonus, the strips were perforated so they could easily separate them into 11″ sections if they choose to. Each 22″ x 4′ section of rafter venting was just $1.88, so they were able to do the entire backdrop for under $30.

generic 1

generic 2

generic 3

generic 4

generic 5

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  1. Uriel says:

    Sow…. How can I get some of this ones? I am from Mexico

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