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Lightly Outlined

Tyler Mergy from Calvary Temple Worship Center in Merced, CA brings us these set pieces outlined in light bulbs.

They hung the sign “generosity” on a semi-circle curve to give the stage even more dimension. And instead of large 40w lights, they repurposed clear C9 bulbs from their Christmas set. Next, they cut six 4′ circles out of OSB bored. They drilled a hole every 15 degrees, stretched white sheet, and stapled it down. Then they free handed the pictures and painted it. All together they used 650 C9 lights. They spent about $500 in all material and rigging. But 20 strands of lights where repurposed.








Widescreen Light Panels Weld Over Wood

One response to “Lightly Outlined”

  1. DJ says:

    Can you give a little more detail on how you made the individual circles? How’d you cut them, what material did you use, how’d you light them, etc? Thanks.

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