Easter Designs

Mosaic Calvary

James Trippett from Bon Air Church of the Nazarene in Kokomo, Indiana brings us this styrofoam Easter set.

This set was created primarily from 1″ Styrofoam. They started with full 4′ x 8′ sheets of Styrofoam purchased from Menards and simply hot-glued the sheets end to end (16′ wide by 4′ high). Then they sculpted the Crucifixion side with a hot knife by allowing the hot knife to create a rock-look. They painted the grout part of the rock-look and then painted each individual rock face in different paints they had left over. The three crosses were also made from Styrofoam and they up-lit them to make them stand out. They re-purposed some trees with up-lighting to create a barren look.

The Tomb side was started the same way creating a 16′ x 4′ long piece. They cut out the tomb opening and sculpted the rock-look in the same way as the previous side. They hot-glued multiple pieces of Styrofoam together and cut the rock that covered the Tomb entrance. They wanted it very thick to create a very heavy appearance. Then they boxed in the interior part of the Tomb, added a few lights for visibility, and painted it in the same way as the Crucifixion side.

Most of the supplies needed for this set were re-purposed from previous sets, but new, it wouldn’t have cost more than $200.




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