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Lines for the Cross

Adan Lopez from Evangelical Church Disciples of Christ (IEDJ in Spanish) in Rochester, NY brings us this planked stage design.

They are a small Spanish church, and they wanted to come up with a special set up for youth service weekend. I liked the idea of using wood the stage. So they came up with a design that included 3 walls with crossing pieces that they would downlight with LED bars. They also created a cross out of corrugated (Coroplast) plastic which they uplit with an LED bar as well.

They own most of the lighting but rented some tripars and a hazer to bring the stage to life.

It took them about two days to build the set. Two of the walls were 8ft x 6ft, and the center wall was 8ft x 3ft. They purchased the 6 ft pressure treated pine planks of wood for $1.58/piece at Home Depot and stained them a light brown color. Each wall had 15 planks of wood. The only challenge they really had was figuring out lighting placement. But they played around with them and got the set to look how they wanted it.

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