Stage Designs


Joey Riggins and his team from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, Florida set out to redesign there middle school stage.

He wanted a futuristic sci-fi look but didn’t want it to be theme. The first idea was the large square boxes on either side made from 2×4’s and metal stucco panels from lowes. They built the box frame and stapled the sheets around the all sides leaving the back open against the back wall. They then used the same material and formed mesh cylinders around par 38 led cans. They zip tied the connecting points in the back using zip ties. The par 38’s were mounted at the top and bottom shining inside the cylinder. To fasten the top pars and the cylinder, joey ran a small 1×1 left to right one the frame of the box. He then notched out some of the mesh of the cylinders and they slid into place. The led was fastened to that 1×1 and hung inside of the metal. These boxes are also lit from the outside so the color combo’s are endless. Next, he built some triangle columns out of flourescent light covers. These are two triangle boxes stacked onto of each other secure with gaffers tape. He then used gaffers tape to make the black line design around the entire columns. The same product was used through the middle of the stage in a zig zag pattern. The last element was adding some uplit trusses with par 38 audience blinders. Minus trussing they spent around 500.00 on this.







Clouds and Peeps Lines for the Cross

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