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Lines of Color

Pam Gonzales from Trinity Church in Lubbock, TX brings us this cool, linear stage design.

They built the tubes  from 4″ 6mil polyethylene tubing (shrink wrap). They taped them, using gaffers tape, to the trussing and used the heat gun to form the round tubing. This project took a team of 3 people about 5 hours to complete.

Galaxy Mass of Fabric

5 responses to “Lines of Color”

  1. theRVK says:

    I like the use of the horizontal pars. You typically see them aimed vertically. I’ve been meaning to do more like this. Awesome job man!

  2. Josh says:

    this will sound dumb but what did you use to light it?

  3. brandon says:

    Any way you could explain the process with the shrink wrap a little more in depth?

    • Pam Gonzales says:

      The shrink wrap tubing comes in a long flat roll which we cut strips the length of the trussing. We then cut a slit in the top of the shrink wrap strip to surround the round trussing and taped it together at the top, so that it would leave a hollow open tube. The slit allows it to go behind and in front of the trussing against the fold of the shrink wrap. Then we used a heat gun to heat out the folds on the front and back sides. This is a gentle process that as you heat it, you will guide the form with your hand, but be very careful not to burn yourself. If you have any other questions please ask. Thank you for your interest!

  4. Ben says:

    We used LEDs (in source-4 cans) to light from the sides. We pointed the all the LEDs inward focusing on the center. The center section actually ended up having 6 lights, 3 on each side. You can see the differences in the last picture (multicolor).

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