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Aaron Springer from Lancaster First Assembly in Lancaster, CA brings us this squared design.

Aaron built the set out of Coroplast and wood (2×4’s). The side sections were 6 ft wide and the center was 14 ft wide. Each Coroplast section was 2×2 (cut by the sign shot). Aaron painted the wood black then attached the Coroplast to the stands. He used 3″ chrome straight brackets (104 total) to connect the pieces to the stands. They weighed down the wooden structures using sandbags.

Then they lit the set with some brick LEDs and 6 Tri Par LEDs.

Aside from the lights the set cost less than $400.

So Fantastic, Wrapped in Plastic Echo Lines

3 responses to “Squaresville”

  1. Femi Ade-Akinbiyi says:

    Wow! These are great things in these great days. Kingdom ideas for kingdom use. Manifestations of the sons of God. This is the first of it’s kind I’ve ever seen. God bless you also for the prices: sooo affordable. Keep on doing the good work & showing kingdom brothers the way.

  2. Brice says:

    Great idea! Did you use white Coroplast or clear?

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