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Lit Advent Candles

Virginia Sprang and Kyle Marker from GracePoint Wesleyan Church in Brookings, SD brings us these advent candles out of Coroplast.

They did a series called “The Incarnation of Christ” for Christmas this year. It largely focused on the advent candles and the themes that they represent. Each week they added a new top to one of the advent candles to “light” it. Also they lit the theme word that they were focusing on for each particular week.

The advent candles were made of Coroplast (corrugated cardboard). It was simply folded on three corners and the forth was taped with packing tape. The top was cut out and attached with packing tape. There were Elation Opti Tri pars in each candle and the top light for the fire was an American DJ puck. They lit the theme words with two intelligent lights they have from front of house. All of the incandescent Christmas lights were on a dimmer pack so they could control intensity. The white “snow” was fabric they got from a local factory. They cold the excess they have on each roll. They bought the letters from a website. They were brown cardboard and so they painted them white and hung them with L-brackets that you would get at any big box store. Some were extended out from the wall with 2×2 boards painted black.









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3 responses to “Lit Advent Candles”

  1. Leo says:

    What website did you guys buy the letters from? Looks awesome btw

  2. John Staples says:

    This is great work. I’d like to know where you get the letters too.

  3. Haley says:

    I’m looking to do a candle similar to this. I see how you used the puck light, but what is that bag type thing covering the flame portion? If you could expand on how you made the actual flame, that would be great! Thanks!

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