Christmas Designs

Pallet Trees

David Tatum from Covenant Community Church in Vacaville, CA brings us these cool pallet Christmas trees.

This stage design was created for their Christmas series “Fact or Fiction”. The 2 previous stage designs used pallet wood, so they decided to repurpose the wood one more time. They wanted to go for a simple look so they created Christmas trees from the pallet wood and then lit them with Christmas lights. Each tree was also lit with an LED bar in the front of the tree.

They also had Coroplast sheets lying around from previous designs, so they cut out snowflakes of different shapes and sizes to be hung on the back wall. To create the snowflakes, they projected an image onto the Coroplast and traced the outline. Then they placed the sheets on the ground and cut them out.

They were able to create this stage design for free since they repurposed all of the materials.





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