Special Event Design

Living Abundantly

Lindsay Hefner and Shane Hollar from Shawnee United Methodist in Lima, Ohio bring us this canvasses and chalked design.

To create this set design for their series, they started by making canvases for silhouettes on their side walls. They built wooden frames 7.5′ tall by 5′ wide (and 6.26′ wide), and stretched 200 thread count white flat sheets over the frames. They staples the sheets to the back of the frames to hold them. The smaller canvases were made with a twin size sheet and the larger ones with a full size sheet.

They created stencils by projecting their images onto cardboard boxes they got from a local washer and dryer store. They cut out the figured and laid them on the canvases. Then they used glossy black spray paint to create the silhouettes.

Note: Invest $2.50 in a spray paint trigger attachment. It spreads the paint more evenly, uses less, and your hands will thank you!

They hung the silhouette canvases on the side walls with screws at the top and velcro at the top and bottom for extra support. It also kept the canvases flush with the wall.

The back wall of the stage was made with a 5′ tall by 7.5′ wide canvas with the “Living” graphic painted on it. They hung a fluorescent black light behind the canvas.

“Abundantly” was drawn on the back wall (which is black) with white chalk and 3 LED Light Bars. By using chalk, it allowed them to adjust the bottom words for the different parts of their sermon series: Living Abundantly, Living Up, and Living Out.

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